Developpez votre entreprise

Start & Grow

The process of setting up and developing a business is not just an adventure, but also a real challenge. Having the right idea is key, but one must also have a good dose of passion and persistence.

Entrepreneurs are driven by:

  • Passion for their own ingenuity
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Reaping the rewards of one’s achievements
  • Ability of seizing an opportunity to respond to a challenge
  • Be their own boss
  • Need to achieve personal fulfillment

Aspiring entrepreneurs feel it in their bones – so are YOU ready to have a diagnosis of your dream project?

Most businesses start with one compelling idea — whether it’s a service people need, a product that would make life easier, or something that combines both. You may already have an idea of what you want to do or you may be juggling between a number of projects – there are many ways to go about when setting up your business.

Optinnov provides strategic guidance in the preparation of your business plan and establishment of your business model. Moreover, we can also assist in the setting up or takeover of a business as well as development of an incubator.

Development through sourcing and crowdsourcing

How can crowdsourcing help your company grow?

Crowdsourcing, also known as “Innovation Participative” is about assembling/using the creativity, the intelligence and the know-how of a large number of people to find the best solutions to specific problems encountered by your company.

Keeping in mind the proper growth of your company, you will need experts by your side. A company needs as much expertise as possible; accounting, marketing, sales and it isn’t always easy to find the “right” expert.

With the help of our platform DreamTakeoff, we connect you with professionals of various fields, which allows you to find the best suited expert for your specific needs. DreamTakeoff not only allows you to compare the fee/price/cost of different providers/ contractors but also enables you to call for tenders for your specific projects to acquire adequate help

Develop your company with crowdsourcing
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SME Accelerator

Over the years we have assisted in the setting up of a number of businesses and used our expertise to solve our clients’ challenges. We now want to build on this success by uncovering and nurturing new businesses and start-ups and thus act as an Accelerator for PMEs.

You will not only benefit from our extensive practical startup experience but also from our large international network. We can thus provide access to emerging markets, new clients and innovative technologies and ideas. Our aim is to promote the development of competitive, innovative and resilient SMEs.

Optinnov may be remunerated by taking an equity position in the company in return for the assistance provided.

Developpez votre entreprise
Developpez votre entreprise

The development and funding of incubators

Optinnov provides support in the design, funding, governance and implementation of your academic or business incubator.

The development of an incubator is of strategic importance to companies. It enhances the reputation and entrepreneurial flair and is thus a key tool to capture the best talents, and provide superior rankings for universities ( The Times, El Pais, The Express, The Economist, The Daily Telegraph , The New York Times, The Herald Tribune, Business Week, etc. )

Incubators help in :

  • Promoting an entrepreneurial culture amongst employees
  • Seizing and testing new business opportunities
  • Supporting employees to adopt an entrepreneurial culture by helping them become preferred suppliers to the parent company
  • Supporting employees during a restructuration or lay-off exercise

Entrepreneurship Training

Our training programme is aimed at identifying entrepreneurial potential, enhance that potential and stimulate new sources of entrepreneurship.
Our programme helps entrepreneurs to recognize, practice and enhance their use of the behavioral competencies of successful entrepreneurs and apply these behaviors in their own businesses, including presentation of a business plan to a panel of local bankers and venture capitalists for potential funding.
  • Development of creativity
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Legal aspects
  • Change management and the management of innovation and intrapreneurship
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Accompagnement par Optinnov

We help you Start and Grow your Business

There are many aspects to consider when starting a new business venture, and the process can be overwhelming – both in terms of the complexity of the regulatory, tax and legal framework as well as the strategic and innovative resources required for new endeavours. Our tailor-made assistance – from operating guidance to capital funding and technology assistance – will help your business start-up become more than just an idea waiting to happen.

Our team is renowned for its world class know-how and innovative spirit – which are both essential elements for the conception of the entrepreneurial offering and the business model.

We offer a wide range of services to help you set up and run your business and our customised offerings ensure that the uniqueness of each customer manifests in the outcomes.

Businesses are as individualised as the entrepreneurs who run them. We assist you in enhancing your business strategy to play to your unique strengths that will allow you to shine in a busy marketplace.

We  provide assistance in the preparation of the business plan – not necessarily the perfect business plan which can never be fulfilled – but rather a relevant business plan that  will ensure the realisation of your entrepreneurial vision and business goals and which will guide you going forward. As the saying goes: A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.

We strive on excellence, passion and purpose.  Our team comprises of a wide range of experts (financial, legal, web marketing, venture development professionals, etc.) with a proven cross-industry track record as well as mentors ready to steer start-ups in their entrepreneurial journey.

We aim to provide entrepreneurs and leaders with mentoring relationships that inspire and empower them to achieve their personal and business potential.

Optinnov’s tailor made offerings and mentoring solutions support the main elements required for an entrepreneurship ecosystem to thrive, namely: finance, infrastructure and the human capital.

Optinnov has responded to the needs of SMEs such as ours. The success of this first collaboration has convinced us to extend the partnership with Optinnov.
The development of an incubator is not easy yet Optinnov was able to help us successfully.
Incubateur Emergence ESCE
Optinnov helped us in the development of the device of our crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform.